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Match Day in Rochester MN

 Mayo Clinic


Mayo’s Match Day for 2024 March 15th

Justin Schwirtz

Justin was born and raised in South East Minnesota where now he and his wife Sarah reside in Rochester where they have raised their 3 children Dominic...

Justin was born and raised in South East Minnesota where now he and his wife Sarah reside in Rochester where they have raised their 3 children Dominic...

Feb 25 4 minutes read

Navigating Your Medical Career: 

A Guide for New Doctors Moving to Rochester, MN

Welcome to Rochester, MN Where Your Next Medical Adventure Begins!

Congratulations on matching with Mayo Clinic Med School and taking the first step towards an exciting medical career in Rochester, MN! As you embark on this new chapter, we understand the challenges and uncertainties of relocating for your residency. To make this transition smoother, here are some invaluable tips to help you get through the process and navigate the next steps.

 Pre-Move Tips

1. **Research Your New Home:**

   Rochester is a vibrant city with a unique charm. Take the time to explore the community, understand the local culture, and identify key amenities. Whether you prefer city condo living or a quieter suburban setting, Rochester has something for everyone.

2. **Connect with Local Resources:**

   Reach out to fellow residents, attend orientation sessions, and tap into local resources. Mayo Clinic often provides support and information for incoming residents. Establishing connections early on can make your transition more comfortable.

3. **Secure Housing:**

   Housing is a crucial aspect of your move and moves fast in the Spring market in Rochester MN. Consider enlisting the help of a local real estate expert, like Justin Schwirtz of the Schwirtz Team at Edina Realty. With a deep understanding of the Rochester housing market and your limited timeline, Justin can guide you in finding the perfect place to call home.

Post-Match Tips

1. **Celebrate Your Match:**

 Landing a spot in your preferred residency program is a significant achievement. Take a moment to celebrate your success with family and friends. You've worked hard to reach this point, and it's time to savor the accomplishment.

2. **Prepare for the Move:**

   Once you've caught your breath, start planning your move. Create a checklist, organize your belongings, and coordinate logistics. Whether you're moving across the state or the country, having a well-thought-out plan will ease the transition.

3. **Embrace the Mayo Clinic Community:**

   Mayo Clinic fosters a supportive community, and connecting with fellow residents is crucial. Attend social events, join professional groups, and participate in activities to build relationships with your peers. A strong support system will make your residency journey more enjoyable.

 4. **Stay Informed and Flexible:**

   Residency programs come with their own set of challenges and unexpected twists. Stay informed about your program's expectations, policies, and schedules. Be flexible and open-minded, adapting to the dynamic nature of medical training.

Your Rochester Adventure Awaits!

Moving to a new city for your medical residency is undoubtedly a significant step. Rochester, MN, with its rich medical community and welcoming atmosphere, is ready to embrace you. By following these tips, you'll not only navigate the process effectively but also lay the groundwork for a fulfilling and successful medical career at Mayo Clinic.

Remember, the Schwirtz Team is here to support your housing journey in Rochester. Reach out to Justin Schwirtz for personalized assistance, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional healthcare. Welcome to Rochester – your medical adventure begins here!

-Best of luck!

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