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Match Day Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Justin Schwirtz

Justin was born and raised in South East Minnesota where now he and his wife Sarah reside in Rochester where they have raised their 3 children Dominic...

Justin was born and raised in South East Minnesota where now he and his wife Sarah reside in Rochester where they have raised their 3 children Dominic...

Mar 11 7 minutes read

Congrat’s to all the medical students that match for residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN! 

This is an incredible achievement and a testament to your hard work, dedication, and commitment to patient care.

 We've compiled some tips on how to make your move as simple as possible.

Research the Area

Take some time to learn more about Rochester, MN and the surrounding areas. Check out local websites, read reviews of apartment complexes, research schools if you have children, and look for local events and activities.  Figure out how far your willing to commute and the average drive times.  Are you willing to live in a surrounding town with commutes as short as 15-20mins.

Find Housing

Start looking for housing early, and consider factors such as cost, location, amenities, and proximity to the clinic.   Find a local real estate agent to trust that can help direct you to the most idea situation for you. Also if the budget is tight and circumstances allow consider roommate options to help with expenses. Remember your not the only one looking and connecting early with an agent could make a big difference as they may know of future inventory that might be the right fit for you.

Budget Wisely

Make a budget for yourself and stick to it. Consider expenses such as mortgage, rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and student loans not deferred.  If your considering buying a home find a local lender that knows your situation and can match the right loan for you.  Adjustable loans tend to be more popular due to their better rates and the time table that you’re likely looking at. 


Take advantage of opportunities to network with your fellow residents find the local FB page for attending residents, attend departmental meetings, and participate in any residency events or activities.

Notify Everyone of Your New Address

You will avoid frustration if you send your change of address notice to the post office well before your move. You can choose the date when the change takes effect, so your mail will not end up at your old address. To avoid having your mail stuck in a slow forwarding pile, notify your credit card companies, workplace, government agencies, etc., before the move as well. By doing so, you will avoid the mail mixups that so many people experience when they move. 

(Don’t forget your Amazon account address) 

Start Packing Early

Early packing does not mean a house crammed with half-full boxes that leave no room to move around. Instead, have every family member fill up one box daily and put the labeled boxes in a designated room. Tackling packing this way will prevent your family from feeling overwhelmed, and you will make real progress. Plus, you will make your local moving company happy by being organized.

Pack Essential Supplies Separately

You will need fast access to certain items in the first few days after your move. To avoid frantically digging for phone chargers or toiletries, pack them in a special bag and keep that bag with you instead of sending it with the movers. Put everything in that bag you will need for a few days away to save yourself from moving stress.

If This Move Sounds Daunting...

Don't worry, you're not alone! 

We have a tons of experience working with residents and out of state buyers coming to the Mayo Clinic.  Along with a bunch of local contacts that we can recommend to help make your move as simple as possible.

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