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Agent With a Plan: Why Digital Marketing Is Critical to Selling Your Home

Justin Schwirtz

Justin was born and raised in South East Minnesota where now he and his wife Sarah reside in Rochester where they have raised their 3 children Dominic...

Justin was born and raised in South East Minnesota where now he and his wife Sarah reside in Rochester where they have raised their 3 children Dominic...

Aug 23 5 minutes read

Digital marketing is a major part of the modern real estate agent's job. Without sharp digital marketing skills, an agent could inadvertently cause your house to sit on the market or sell for below top dollar because of an inability to target and attract the right buyers. More than that, not only should your agent have digital marketing experience, but they should know what tactics work best in your neighborhood and price point.

Why is real estate digital marketing important?

Real estate digital marketing is both a critical and difficult skill to master. For an agent, digital marketing skills mean the difference between the perfect buyer finding your house or your home sitting on the market for too long. Gone are the days when you could rely on a "For Sale" sign on the corner.

Marketing starts with great photographs, a detailed description, even a dedicated website page, but digital marketing goes beyond just posting the home online. It requires an agent who knows how to distribute it—on social media, on the MLS, and throughout their powerful network. First, you need to ensure your agent has digital marketing skills, and then you need to make sure that they know how to use them.

Questions to Ask a Potential Agent

Before you hire an agent, it's essential that you ask them a few questions to ensure that they have a marketing plan that they're ready to execute. Any good agent will be happy to answer your questions and back up their responses with proof.

What do you do to market a home?

It's the bare minimum expectation that your agent will write a description, arrange to have professional photos taken, and get the word out about your house. The agent you choose should be happy to list all the other things they'll do, too, whether it's getting drone photos of a big yard, offering to produce a listing video, or sending mailers to homes in your area.

How many people do your posts reach?

The best agents who are well-versed in digital marketing will constantly try to build their social followings on platforms like Facebook and Instagram by sharing information that's helpful to buyers and sellers. This network of local buyers means they can easily get the word out about your property.

Do you have a blog or newsletter?

Having an agent with a blog or newsletter that attracts local buyers can give you a huge leg-up if they're willing to share your home on these platforms. The follow-up question should be this: Will you share a post or include our home in an email and, if so, when?

3 Things Your Agent Should Be Doing

Already hired an agent and wondering if they're prepared to sell your home as they should? Here are three things every real estate agent should do to help sell a home.

  1. Share It: Aside from making sure your house is viewable on the MLS and popular websites, the agent should personally share a post about your home on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks. Ideally, your agent will have a reputable and growing audience on these platforms, too.
  2. Write About It: Whether your agent has a newsletter, website, or both, featuring your home on their website when it goes up for sale is a surefire way to get attention.
  3. Show It Off: For properties big and small alike, virtual tours can play a major role in showing a home's strong suits and getting potential buyers interested. These can be as simple as planned photos in a slideshow to a video walkthrough or full-on virtual tour using 360-degree photos or a special camera.

Our Marketing Sells Homes

We provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to sell your home. Our approach includes targeted Facebook advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and personalized 1-to-1 outreach to reach the right buyer.

How We Do It
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